Photography for me is a passion more than a work and a research field.

I love traveling around the world and fix the light and the color narrating stories and emotions


I’m studying for a PhD in Computer Science at the “Dipartimento di Informatica” of the University of Salerno.

My PhD studies are on Image and Video Forensics, an in particular I’m trying to develop platform for image ballistic.


Photography is not only a research field for me, is a passion, is a way to freeze moment and person in the time, to narrates stories and to express myself


Traveling is an obvious consequences of my passion for photo. I like to visit new place, meet new people, talk with them to knows what’s their stories.

Because this is a recent passion for me, at moment I visited a lot of Europe, only a few of North Africa and Americas and nothing of Asia and Australia, but I’m planning to travel as much as possible in the next years.

My photos

Here you can see some of my photos taken all over the world!

I took pictures. I photographed instead of talking. I photographed not to forget. For not stop looking.
Daniel Pennac

Where am I now

Contact me

Feel free to contact me about my research, my travels, my photos or whatever else you like!

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